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Ayn Fanzine

Silent conversations

Cascada Mall

Bekaa First

 البقاع أّّّّّوّلًا  


Justified war or injustice?

"The Victims, destruction and chaos. To some it could be described as War on Terrorism. And others believe it is a Crime against Humanity."

Emigré Park

Palestinian refugee camp

Sabra and Shatila, Lebanon 2009. 

Syrian Refugee Camp

North Lebanon 2017

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Children of tomorrow, today.

Photographs taken at a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. If today was built for these kids this way, what direction will they take to build their tomorrow?

NYC: Other side of midnight

Tiger Chips

Street and Documentary

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My Photographic impulse @georgesyazbek

Beirut Behind The Scenes @beirutbehindthescenes