Once Only features an open-ended series of interviews with leading scientists and thinkers who reveal their private insights about consciousness in order to create and share a picture of where humanity stands so far in its efforts to define what consciousness is. 


Is stress a handicap that might counter perform consciousness?


What is consciousness?


How free are we to make choices?

About Once Only

Using cutting-edge Web programming, each visitor to the website or installation is allowed to watch each interview only once.Feedback is generated, and compiled in both an individual portrait of each individual's state of focus and a societal portrait of emotional responses.

Learn more about Once Only by visiting www.onceonly.org

About The Films

Given the subject matter, the filming and staging process becomes a component in itself of the overall subjective experience. Scientist and thinkers are given the opportunity to conduct their own interview within a specific format: Self interview. The  ‘self-interview’ format is conducted in the following environment:

Room 1 – ‘Ivory room’ A comfortable environment chosen by the interviewee, giving them the space and the time to gather their thoughts.  The interviewees are provided with questions that they are free to answer (or not) in any form they choose, meanwhile recorded by non-intrusive cameras.

Room 2 – ‘Revelation room’. When they are ready, they step into the second room, where dramatic lighting, professional audio recorders and cameras are setup to capture their performance in a more formal exhibitional style.