Beirut Behind The Scenes

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Beirut Behind the Scenes - Content and Publishing, is a double-edged platform that highlights stories of Lebanon's creative minds and aims to promote their original work within Lebanon and abroad. Join us on Facebook and Instagram @beirutbehindthescenes.


"Zyara" is an award-winning online web series that focuses on what unites us as people of the world. Created by a power team with a goal of telling a sincere human story through a universal yet simple mission of "getting to know someone." 


Here is a project that we really are proud of. Making this film started as a creative journey then transformed into life learned lessons from someone who has become an inspiration.
This is Beirut Behind the scenes at its core - documenting and admiring the city's creative minds at work.

Get a workout with the world's most renowned personal trainers. Anywhere, anytime.


"Rehearsals" - A new Beirut Behind the Scenes project dedicated to the ones rocking the music scene. Watch Zee Karkabi (vocals/guitar) and El Ishac (machines/pads) as they prepare for their live Miserere's performance; A Cat Empire cover.


N.A.R is a startup company based in Lebanon. They create smart drone-based solutions to analyze and process data on the fly. Role: Director, DP, Editor. Produced by: Beirut Behind The Scenes.