Telling empowering stories through film and photography is my craft and passion.  It is my way of expressing my appreciation to the magnificence of our being, the greatness of the universe and all good things I have encountered in my life. I strive to shine the light on positivity, art, education, science, core beliefs and values, which are essential to help people grow and push through any mental barrier and ultimately become their authentic self. 

I am a storyteller, with an ambition to jump into any production content about any product, subject, field and endeavor that needs to be discovered, to exist, to innovate, to achieve, to inspire, to educate, to entertain and to sell.

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you can find my work creditsawards, photography, TV production and filmmaking portfolio. Have a question? Feel free to share!



I am a Lebanese Filmmaker, Photographer and TV producer based in Beirut and New York City.