Georges Yazbek is an award winning Lebanese filmmaker, photographer and docu-reality producer based in New York City and Beirut. Georges is also the founder of Beirut Behind the Scenes - Content & Publishing, a double-edged platform that highlights stories of Lebanon's creative minds and aims to promote their original work within Lebanon and abroad.

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Beirut Behind The Scenes - Content & Publishing Founder/Content development

Librex Group - Ritello R2 Series Ad Director/DP

Al Jazeera - Diversity Enriches Us Campaign Photographer

Spanish Embassy - Spanish Looks on the Streets of Beirut DP

Once Only - Transmedia art project Film Concept, Creative and Direction

Rota6 - Flamingo/YouTube - Gamers DP

Destination America - Buying the Bayou (14 episodes) Field Producer/Shooter

Destination America - Buying Alaska (6 episodes) Field Producer/Shooter

Librex Group - Ritello DP2 Series Advertising Video Producer/DP

Film 4 America - Learning through film Shooter/ Producer

Rota6 - School of Visual Arts - Portfolio  Shooter/ Producer

Puma - Interview with Thierry Henry (For the 2014 World Cup) DP  

Rota6 - Flamingo/Google - Kids and Technology DP

Travel Channel - Monster Grill (in Production) Shooter/Producer

MTV Networks - Made (10 Episodes)  Shooter/Producer

MTV Networks - Diary of Facebook  Shooter/Producer

MTV Networks - True Life (2 Episodes)  Shooter/Producer

MTV Networks - Britney Spears I am the Femme Fatale  Associate Producer

Stacy London - Style for Hire  Shooter/Producer

10 th Street Production - The Collector’s (Pilot)  Shooter/Producer

Z Production Group - Pirelli Star of the Middle East  Director/DP

Z Production group - Ritello Commercial  Director/ DP/ Editor

PBS - Rebels On Lake Erie  DP

APACHE Software Foundation - Billions and Billions Served  DP  

Imagine Fashion - “Letter” A film by Francesco Carrozzini  Colorist

Glamour Magazine - Glamour Women of the Year Awards  Post Producer

PBS - The Rise and Fall of the YWCA of Summit County  DP




Dubai Lynx 2016 3rd place "Justified War?"  

Prix De La Photographie 2016 3rd place "Justified War?" 

International Photography Award 2016 1 Honorable Mention "Justified War?"

International Photography Award 2015 2 Honorable Mentions  "Moments Within"

International Photography Award 2015 2 Honorable Mentions  "Belong"

International Photography Award 2014 2 Honorable Mentions  "NYC: The Other Side of Midnight"

Emmy Award  2013 Producer/Shooter for "MTV MADE"

Prix De La Photographie 2011 1st place "Children of Tomorrow, Today" in War Photojournalism category

Prix De La Photographie 2011  2nd place "Inspired?"in War Photojournalism category

Prix De La Photographie 2010 2nd place "Rise up/Emigré Park" in Conflict/War Category and People Choice Award

International Photography Award 2010 6 Honorable Mentions  "Rise up/Emigré Park"

Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2010 Honorable Mention "Rise up/Emigré Park"

Telly Award 2007 Director of Photography  "The Rise and Fall of the YWCA of Summit County"

Christopher Award 2007 Honorable Mention "Inspire By Example"